(30 Sep 2020) – Logical Reasoning, 2nd Shift NTA UGC NET JRF Question paper, Answer key

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1. In the statement the hill has smoke because it has fire, which type of fallacy may be identified?

1. Asidha
2. Sadharana
3. Asadharana
4. Výapyatvasidha
कथन में, पहाड़ी में धुआँ है क्योंकि उसमें आग है, किस प्रकार की भ्रांति की पहचान की जा सकती है?

  Answer 4
Explanation: Hill has smoke because it has fire, is Vyapyatvasiddha.
No ascertainment of perversion (Vyapti) in reason (Hetu).
Smoke cannot be proved due to Vyapti or pervasion of fire, fire is not the reason rather pervasion of fire is due to Vyapti of smoke.

2. If the word HEART is written as SQPMZ, then EARTH can be written as:


  Answer 2
Explanation: Code of H is S, E is Q, A is P, R is M and T is Z

3. Match list I with list II

Pairs Pairs of analogies
A. Assign: Allot I. Code: Password
B. Length : Meter II. Clerk: Office
C. Doctor: Hospital III. Mend: Repair
D. Lock: Key IV. Mass : Kilogram

1. A – III, B – IV, C-II, D-I
2. A – IV, B – II, C – III, D-I
3. A – II, B – IV, C-I, D-III
4. A – IV, B – III, C-II, D-I

  Answer 1
Explanation: Here we have to observe type of relation among pair of analogy and then match it with similar pair in another list
Assign is related to allot similarly mend is related to repair.
Length measured by meter similarly mass is measured by kilogram.
Doctor works in hospital similarly clerk works in office.
Every lock has a key similarly every code has a password.

4. A, B, C, D, E and F are standing in a circle and looking at the centre. Only D is between A and B. Only F is between A and C. E is just left of B. Who is the only one standing between E and F?

1. A
A, B, C, D, E और F एक वृत्त में खड़े होकर केंद्र की ओर देख रहे हैं। केवल D, A और B के बीच में है। केवल F, A और C के बीच में है। E, B के ठीक बाएँ है। E और F के बीच अकेला कौन खड़ा है?

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5. All things which have smoke have fire;
This hill has smoke; therefore, the hill has smoke; and
No non-fiery things have smoke; this hill has smoke; therefore, this hill is not non-fiery.

The above is an example of which type of inference in Indian logic?

1. Purvavat
2. Anvaya Vyatireka
3. Kevalanvayi
4. Kevala Vyatireka
जिन वस्तुओं में धुआँ होता है उनमें आग होती है;
इस पहाड़ी में धुआँ है; इसलिए, पहाड़ी में धुआं है; और
किसी भी गैर-आग वाली चीजों में धुआं नहीं होता है; इस पहाड़ी में धुआँ है; इसलिए, यह पहाड़ी गैर-ज्वलनशील नहीं है।
उपरोक्त भारतीय तर्कशास्त्र में किस प्रकार के अनुमान का उदाहरण है?

  Answer 2
Explanation: Here the first argument is positive and the other is negative.
Hence it is Anvaya Vyatireki: When the middle term is both positively and negatively related to the major term.
> Kevalānvayi: When the middle term is only positively related to the major term.
> Kevalyātireki: When the middle term is only negatively related to the major term.

6. Asidha is a fallacy when the middle term is:

1. Unproved
2. Too wide
3. Too narrow
4. Non-exclusive
असिधा एक भ्रम है जब मध्य पद है:

  Answer 1
Explanation: Asidha is unproved Hetu fallacy. (Paksadharmata)

7. Next letter in the logical pattern O, T, T, F, F, S, S, E, N, _ is:

1. N
2. E
3. F
4. T

  Answer 4
Explanation: They are first alphabets of one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten So last must be T.

8. Match List I with List II

Pairs Pairs of analogies
A. Owl: Flight I. Dairy farmer: Milk
B. Bell: Chime II. Snake : Crawl
C. Knife : Cut III. Thunder: roar
D. Farmer: Crop IV. Sword : Slaughter

1. A – II, B – IV, C-III, D-I
2. A – IV, B – III, C-I, D-II
3. A – I, B-IV, C-II, D-III
4. A-II, B – III, C-IV, D-I

  Answer 4
Explanation: Here we have to observe the type of relation among pairs of analogies and then match them with similar pairs in another list.
> Owls fly and similarly snakes crawl.
> Bell sound is chime similarly thunder sound is roar.
> Knife is for cutting similarly sword is to slaughter (kill).
> Farmer produces crops similarly dairy farmer produces milk.

9. “Fat Krishnadatta eats either during day or night, Fat Krishnadatta does not eat during day, therefore fat Krishnadatta eats during night”. The above is an example of which type of inference?

(1) Comparison (upmana)
(2) Verbal testimony (Shabda)
(3) Negation (Anupalabdhi)
(4) Implication (Arthapatti)
“मोटा कृष्णदत्त या तो दिन में खाता है या रात में, मोटा कृष्णदत्त दिन में नहीं खाता, इसलिए मोटा कृष्णदत्त रात में खाता है। उपरोक्त किस प्रकार के अनुमान का एक उदाहरण है?

  Answer 4
Explanation: It is an example of Arthapatti or postulation, derivation from circumstances, implication as we are making assumptions about eating habits at night through understanding circumstances without knowing the truth.

10. What will come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series? U, O, I, ?, A

(1) M
(2) G
(3) B
(4) E

  Answer 4
Explanation: These are vowels A E I O U


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