How to write Research Papers Step by Step

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Literature Review

Research Work 

(i)Project Title 




(v)Year-wise Plan of work and targets to be achieved. 

Financial Assistance required Item Estimated Expenditure

i. Books and Journals 

ii. Equipment, if needed 

iii. Field Work and Travel 

iv. Chemicals and glassware 

v. Contingency ( including special needs) 


  • Cover page;
  • Title page ‚Äď this page is containing the subject of work, the researcher`s data and date of writing;
  • Abstract;
  • Content ‚Äď is placed on the second page, includes the list of headings for all the chapters with the page numbers indication;
  • Introduction ‚Äď here you can point out the reasons why you have started to write your paper and represent thesis as well;
  • Body paragraphs (experiment description and methods) ‚Äď reveals the essence of work, Main work
  • Conclusion ‚Äď imply the interpretation of results received during the research and the brief review of the whole work;
  • Bibliography/reference list ‚Äď means the listing of referenced literature and other information sources;
  • Appendix (if any attachments were present).




Navdeep Kaur

Department of Commerce,

Delhi School of Economics, 

Delhi University, 

New Delhi, India


Literature review

Objective of research


  • A¬†
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E



Hypothesis 1:


Hypothesis 2: 


Hypothesis 3: 

Research methodology


Case study If we take examples from literature review case studies are commonly used in case competitions and in job interviews for consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, CEB Inc. and the Boston Consulting Group


Questionnaire survey as quantitative measure upto 0000 data from across India 

Pilot testing and interviews will be done 


Snowball sampling 


Gaskin, J. (2012). Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) can be done to measure invariance 


Common-method variance (CMV) 



Research design


Present research on Social capital is based on qualitative and quantitative data 


Population of study: 





Independent variables: 

Dependent variables: 

Background variables

Data collection

The study depends on both primary and secondary data.

  • On site, Off site visit
  • Use of google forms
  • Related Research publications, articles
  • Pilot testing
  • Snowball sampling

Chapter I- Introduction 


Chapter II- 


Chapter III- 


Chapter IV- 


Chapter V- 


Chapter VI- 


Chapter VII- Hypothesis Testing 


Chapter VIII- Conclusion reports 


Past research experience 


Papers Published in International Journals Kaur, Navdeep (2015), Value of Social Capital: A New Arena, International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies, Vol. 2, No.7, pp 31-34. [ISSN: 2348 ‚Äď 0343]


Kaur, Navdeep (2015), FDI in Multi Brand Retail: Effect in Comparable Countries and Indian prospects, South Asian Academic Research Journal, academician: An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal. Vol. 5, Issue-6, (June, 2015), pp 47- 55. [ISSN: 2249 -7137]





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