Learner Characteristics, Aims & Modes of Teaching

Learner Characteristics

i. Readiness – Motivation, interest & curiosity to learn

ii. Exercise – Practice what is learnt

iii. Effect – Activities associated with pleasure are preferred over those that lead to pain or punishment

iv. Attitudes & Habits – Must be positive & encouraging

v.  Absence of anger & jealousy- They weaken learning abilities

vi.  Slow beginning followed by gradual development of interests


Aims of Teaching

a. Change the behaviour of students Teaching

b. Improve learning skills of students Conditioning

c. Shaping behaviour & conduct – Training

d. Acquisition of knowledge – Instruction

e. Formation of beliefs  – Indoctrination

Modes of Teaching

1. Training helps to shape conduct and various skills

2. Instruction & Indoctrination work on a higher footing than conditioning & training

3. Instruction is concerned with the development of knowledge & understanding in an individual

4. Teaching is aimed towards the shaping of a total individual

5. Indoctrination is a high level of teaching shaping beliefs & ideals

Objectives of Teaching

·         Desired changes in pupils

·         Shape behaviour & conduct

·         Acquisition of knowledge

·         Improve learning skills

·         Formation of a belief system

·         Provide a social & efficient member to the society

Modern Concepts of Teaching

a.       Questioning

·         By the teacher to the student and student to the teacher

b.      Discussion

·         Clears doubts of students

·         Expression of thought

·         Teacher directs discussion

c.       Investigation

·         Either individual or group after the teacher presents the information

·         Can be followed by expression of thoughts of the students

d.      Expression

·         Can be in the form of practical activities

   Basic Requirements in Teaching

a.       Three variables in teaching – Includes the Teacher, Student & Environmental factors

b.      Professionalism

c.       Suitable Environment

d.      Teacher Student Relationship

e.       Students Discipline

f.       Teacher & Students devotion to teaching & learning


Factors Effecting Teaching

·         The three variables of the teacher, student & environment

·         Teacher student relationship

·         Methods of teaching used

·         Teacher- Administration relationship

·         The social environment

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