National Aptitude Test-2021 Online Free Test

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Public Notice
11 October 2021
For Inviting Online Applications for National Aptitude Test-2021
Pilot Launch
NTA firmly believes that the right candidates joining best institutions will give India her demographic
dividend. It envisages that besides acquired knowledge and skills, it should include skills for future that
would be expected in them, say after 5 years. These are Technical Skills, Creativity, Emotional
Intelligence (EQ), Analytical Thinking, Growth Mind-set, Decision Making, Inter-personnel
Communication, Adaptability have been identified as skills for future. Therefore NTA is planning to
conduct National Aptitude Test-Ability Profiler.
The National Testing Agency (NTA) announces conduct of NAT-2021 as per the following details:

Exam Level

Students’ Age Group

Level 1

13 to 15 Years

Level 2

16 to 18 Years

Level 3

19 to 18 Years

Level 4

22 to 25 Years

* Candidate can choose the Timing of Exam according to their availability.
Important Instructions:
(i) Candidates can apply for NAT-2021 through “Online” mode only. The Application
Form in anyother mode will not be accepted.
(ii) For any query mail to or call at 011-40759000
Candidates, who desire to appear in NAT-2021 may see the Student Manual available on NTA

National Testing Agency has developed a comprehensive tool with 9 domains which consists of
Generic Skills, specific abilities and multiple choice items:
(i) Domain 1 CRITICAL READING ABILITY: To identify main theme/ key messages in Reading Comprehension and Written Expression
(ii) Domain 2 NUMERICAL ABILITY: It is the ability to think logically through numbers, with relation between numbers or number series by finding hidden code.
(iii) Domain 3 ABSTRACT REASONING: It is the ability to reason with signs and shapes. The observation abilities that enable one to quickly notice accurate details in graphical
(iv) Domain 4 ANALYTICAL REASONING: It is the ability of critically analyzing the given information to draw a valid conclusion.
(v) Domain 5 SPATIAL ABILITY: It is the ability to visualize shapes and structures against dimensions. i.e. Ability to think in space.

(vi) Domain 6 FINDING IRREGULARITIES: The simplest approach to identifying irregularities in data is to flag the data points that deviate from common statistical properties of a distribution, including mean, median, mode, and quintiles.
(vii) Domain 7 DATA INTERPRETATION: It is the ability to quickly and accurately locate differences in print material (both numbers and words).
(viii) Domain 8 VERBAL ABILITY: It is the ability to understand concepts hidden in words, ability to abstract or generalize beyond mere vocabulary recognition.
(ix) Domain 9 PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL ANALYSIS: It is the ability of understanding and application of natural and mechanical forces that are prevalent in the real world


Details of Pilot Test
3.1 The test is in Internet based mode. The candidates can appear in the test from their place of stay using desktops, mobile phones, laptops etc.
3.2 The total duration of the test is 120 minutes.
3.3 This test consists of 9 Domains.
3.4 The medium of the Question paper will be in English only.
3.5 Each domain consists of 10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
3.6 Each domain has 10 questions carrying 1 mark each. It will be an Online Test of 2 hours duration. The total is 90 marks.
3.7 Candidates are not allowed to use calculators or any other electronic device.
3.8 Candidates will be awarded one mark for each correct answer. There is no negative Marking.
3.9 The test is free of cost.


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