Teaching Aids

Teaching Aids

Teaching aids helps students to improve their skills and make learning fun. There are various kinds of teaching aids.

1. Chart – Shows group facts in the form of a diagram, table or graph & includes an outline or word definitions

2. Flash Cards – A set of cards that have number, letters, pictures or words on it & are used for facts and enhance memory

3. Flip Charts – Useful for teaching large groups at a time and while teaching a lesson which involves stages or a process. 

4. Maps – Used in social studies so that students can understand spatial relations

5. Newspapers – Used to learn about different places, cultures, grammar & current events.

6. Graphs – Can be used in any subject. To compare population growth in social studies, numbers & ratios

7. Surveys – Can be used by the teacher to gain feedback.

8. Audio Visual Aids – Things to remember while using AV aids:

                                 – Select the one suited for the topic

                                 – Use AV to support or reinforce the activity

                                 – Make sure the AV aid can be seen & heard clearly

                                 – Practice using the aids before hand

9. Hardware – Radio, TV & Tape recorder

10. Software – Board, Cartoons & Models

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