Teaching Aptitude MCQ for NTA UGC NET JRF Paper 1

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1. Social structure, culture and personality combined together to form

A. Tradition
B. The folkways
C. An association
D. A social system

  Answer 4



2. A new comer teacher who is maltreated in his class will deal with the students by

A. Applying Punitive Measure
B. Improving His Qualities And Expressing It Before Them In A Good Way.
C. Changing His Class After Consultation
D. Giving Them A Threat Of Expulsion.

  Answer 2



3. Two or more aspects are understood in

A. Unistructural level
B. Multistructural level
C. Rational level
D. Extended abstract level

  Answer 2



4. Which is incorrect about the school as a social institution?

A. It stands for the satisfaction of the needs of the pupils who come for schooling
B. It has to teach about the social order and its institutions in its instructional activities
C. As it stands for the good life in general, it is the critic of society and all its institutions
D. It stands for the professional ideals of the community rather than the ideals it practices and tolerates

  Answer 4



5. Authoritarian model is more suitable for

A. Confidence
B. Discipline
C. Achievement
D. Improvement

  Answer 2



6. Where is the First Central Institute of Vocational Education located?

A. Bhopal
B. Mumbai
C. Calcutta
D. Coimbatore

  Answer 1



7 …………….. is not an objective of Formal Education.

A. Self-paced learning
B. Teacher-centered learning
C. Learning discipline-based content
D. Comparing high and low achievers

  Answer 1


8. If you invite personal friends and colleagues in your son’s birthday party, the procedure of invitation will be

A. You would invite all the personnel of the school.
B. Only a specific group of teachers will be invited.
C. Extend invitation to all the teachers without any distinction.
D. Only personal invitation will be extended to most dear ones.

  Answer 3



9. Gifted students are

A. non-assertive of their needs
B. independent in their judgments
C. independent of teachers
D. introvert in nature

  Answer 2



10. Suppose an intelligent student became mal-adjusted due to some family problems. As he has deep faith in you, he comes to you for its solution. What action will you take in this condition?

A. You protect yourself as you fear your insult in such a issue
B. You think patiently and suggest some favorable remedy
C. You solve out your selfishness by knowing his family’s weakness
D. You leave the child without interfering in his problem

  Answer 2
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