Nav Classes Contest August 2021

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Your responses will remain confidential with Navdeep Kaur. No one else can see any personal information like address and phone no. > Only Video u Share can be shared on Social Media Platform for Contest Purpose > Last date to take part is 22 August 2021 > Result will be announced on 28 August 2021 Time: 8 AM > Mainly this contest is for those who have any of Navdeep Kaur’s Book, Winners will be chosen Randomly and Based on Best Video and who completed following Steps


1. Review Book on Amazon or Flipkart from where u Purchased or u want to review (if not eligible to review then u can review from anyone else from ur family or friend just mention your name in braket)

2. Join *telegram for PDFs and latest stuff*
*Telegram group*:

3. Like *Facebook page* for all updates
Join *Facebook group* for PDFs and updates

4. Fill Google Form Below with link of Video

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