Nav Classes Contest Dec 2023 NET JRF Result

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Congratulations to all

NameSubject in which QualifiedQualified Net or JRF or both in Dec 2023 ExamAny Thing you want to share, it can be your experience, any opinion or any advice to learners about how to prepare आप जो कुछ भी साझा करना चाहते हैं, वह आपका अनुभव, कोई राय या तैयारी कैसे करें के बारे में शिक्षार्थियों को कोई सलाह हो सकती है
Yukti singhalMass communicationNET JRF BothI joined you from last 3 years Ma’am. In my previous attempts i qualified for net only after so much of hard work and your guidance and the way teach us is amazing ma’am thank you so much. Aage bhi aap hume ese hi guide kijiye #jrf #dbaa
Kakwani Dhara IshwarEnvironmental scienceNET JRF BothThank you Nav Maam, you are the best. You are the powerhouse, you are so energetic and you have that ability to make every student motivated. I will be always grateful to you.
Nilambara MahapatraEnvironmental scienceNET JRF BothThank you so much ma’am
KhanakCommerceNET JRF BothThank you so much mam for your guidance .I have seen YouTube marathon videos and followed your book also for some units that proved really helpful.
Jay jay ram amrendra mandalGeographyNET JRF BothWonderful NET to JRF
Sunil kumar bhujEducation jrf and assistant professorNET JRF BothAll learner’s advice follows key words DBAA
Devendra kumarHistoryNET JRF Bothसभी विद्यार्थियों अपनी सेल्फ स्टडी पर जोर रखें कठिन टॉपिक पर YouTube वीडियो की मदद लें जिसका कोई मुकाबला नही है
Rohit DwevediHistoryNET JRF BothBe confident. Hold command on your basics, understand concepts and study balanced. Use one source for memorizing facts. Write down them in one notebook. You will definitely achive your goals.
Payel Mandal(Sherni)HistoryNET JRF BothFor paper1 I follow only Navdeep mam’s classes, for paper 2 I follow self study.
Surbhi VashishtHome ScienceNET JRF BothI am your unacademy plus student mam
Isha ThakurCommerceNET JRF BothThanku for your guidance mam, next will be jrf now 😘😘😘❤️🤞
Nikita GuptaLabour welfareNET JRF BothAlways do hard work
Suman SaurabhHistoryNET JRF BothLimited sources +multiple revision
SurbhiHome ScienceNET JRF BothI am your unacademy plus student mam
Dibya TiwariEducationNET JRF BothHard work and dream plan act achieve
Nitika BansalcommerceNET JRF BothPYQ are the key to success
Nisha JoshiCommerceNET JRF BothNo
Rohit DwevediHistoryNET JRF BothBe confident. Use one source, cover it comprehensively and emphasis on understanding of subject. Make your self notes and revise it multiple times.
Simran SamtaniHome scienceNET JRF BothThis was my first attempt and before I started preparing for this exam I was told by a sales person from Unacademy that I won’t be able to crack it in one go so I should opt for the subscription of 1 year, there was always a fear about this but when I started taking classes from Navdeep ma’am the fear turned into excitement and I was curious to learn so much. And today if anybody asks me who helped you to crack the exam in one go, that will be for sure Navdeep ma’am. She makes everything so interesting to learn. I miss the daily classes from her. Thank you so much Ma’am. I wish to personally meet you once in my life and thank you personally.
Krishna LaskarGeographyNET JRF BothThank you ma’am, your YouTube marathon clases were very helpfull. I haven’t purchased any paid courses, only followed your youtube classes and self study. This is my sixth attempts and i ws about to quit the preparation, but finally i got the good news. Thank you for your classes and helping us, who are not able to purchases paid classes.
Ankita SinhaHome scienceNET JRF BothJust believe yourself and work hard, you will definitely achieve your dream
MALAY DASManagementNET JRF BothJust believe in yourself and continue working towards your goal.
Bhawana yadavCommerceNET JRF BothTeaching style of navdeep ma’am is outstanding. Blessed to have such a good teacher like her.All this happens because of navdeep kaur ma’am .
Neha GaurCommerceNET JRF BothMam I am your plus learner thankyou so much for your effort only because of u i acheive my jrf
Meghna DeyHistoryNET JRF BothPls maintain consistency
Ganesh SamantaGeographyNET JRF BothThank you ma’am 🫡
Mst.Sima KhatunPhysical educationNET JRF BothU r the best teacher mam …ur hard work motivated me a lot.. thank you so much ma’am for ur guidance, motivation
Tahira khanamUrduNET JRF BothRevision, pyq, mcq, daily classes
Shrusti JainHistoryNET JRF BothPractice pyqs, mcqas much as u can
Nikhil YadavEducationNET JRF BothPrepared Paper 1 from lectures of ma’am when she used to teach on another platform. Mainly focussed on PYQs for both the papers, made notes for each option. Also be very aware in the exam hall because a lot of questions can be solved by eliminating the options. Don’t get overwhelmed by competition. Be confident and you’ll easily sail through.
kajal sonicommerceNET JRF BothDaily practice 10 p.m class by Nav mam makes the man achieve JRF .
Swati KumariHistoryNET JRF BothWe should take paper 1 seriously
Pooja GuptaManagementNET OnlyDo practice of solving PYQ as more as possible and follow navdeep Kaur mam for getting detailed clarification and understanding any topic and all latest updates.
Sanya chauhanEducationNET OnlyThank u maam for paper 1 specially for research
Garrima chopraPolitical ScienceNET OnlyAfter almost 3 failed attempts, finally managed to clear Net. Will clear jrf in the next attempt for sure.
Rajshree bishnoimusicNET OnlyThank you maam in your guidance today i qualified my net because of your hard towards us you teaches best for paper 1
Pankaj MandalEducationNET OnlyMy first attempt, Studied Paper 1 from Nav mem books for only 25 days . I am happy with the result, next Target JRF in June 2024. Jai Navdeep mem 🙏
Khushboo KumariEnvironmental scienceNET OnlyJust want to say thank you for you support and guidance.
Satyam kumarCommerceNET OnlyNot difficult
Amit NarwalPolitical scienceNET OnlyKbhi haar na maano jindagi ek safar h aaj ni to kl tum jarur jitoge ldo jb tk jeet na jao mera 3rd net h mam ki blessings guidance se and mujhe bhrisa h jldi jrf hoga
SonamCommerceNET OnlyThanks to you mam , my parents and God.
Neha KalangutkarEnglishNET OnlyYou are the best teacher for paper one…may God bless you abundantly…I cleared NET with your YouTube video and books. Thank you for everything you have done for us. Especially you tube learner’s.
Shilpi GuptaHindiNET OnlyMaam jite huy ko to savi gift, prize and badhaiya dete h… Hm har gye.. 2 bar s sirf net nikl rha.. Hmesa kuch marks s rah jate… Hme v to kuch santvana milni chahiye… Taki hm v protsahit ho… Aage aapki mrzi.. 😔
Soumya Ranjan JenaCommerceNET OnlyYour live cls , practice cls and main thing is that your timing of classes helped me in my preparation .. Thankyou Mam🙏. Day started with your 6 am cls and ended with your 10 pm practice cls Play a key role for success and taught how to do work hard . Thank you mam 🙏🙏
Nur Hasina BegamGeographyNET OnlyThank you so much dear mam your free classes help a lot 🙏
Aastha jainLabour welfareNET OnlyYou r the best educator
Nikita LakhtaManagementNET OnlyI was your student in unacademy and want to clear JRF this time
Komal dahiyaCommerceNET OnlyI have cleared net exam 5 times now, I hope with your guidance I will get my JRF
Damayanti SinhaPsychologyNET OnlyThank you so much ma’am for guiding us always in the right direction. With your blessings and my hardwork, next time would definitely aim for JRF
Sunil kumar KaharENGLISHNET OnlyFirst of all thank you so much ma’am, Im always be grateful to you because of you i have qualified NET thrice with English literature, your classes are very helpful. Dream, Believe, Act , Achieve #navclass #jrf_is mine ❤👏💐
Pankti HariaCommerceNET OnlyDo SWOT analysis to categorise entire syllabus..If there is less time in preparation then focus on Strong Subjects first and then go for other opportunities
VASHWATI BARMANCOMMERCENET OnlyNo words to stay how much grateful i am to you ma’am 💓 💛 ❤️ ♥️ 💖 ✨️ 💓 💛 ❤️
Sanya chauhanEducationNET OnlyAll thanks to nav maam for paper 1 thus was my first attempt
Kundan kumarHr(55)NET OnlyI think nav classes YouTube channel is sufficient for the preparation of ugc net exam.
Manisha JangraEnvironment ScienceNET OnlyThanku so much mam, yae sb aapki vjh sae he possible ho paya h.
NivedhaPsychologyNET OnlyThank you so much mam for your hardwork and dedication. Pygmalion effect
Ritik VincentGeographyNET OnlyFollow BCD rule ( believe, consistency and determination)
Ritika DhandEconomicsNET OnlySelf study along with nav classes youtube app 👍
Menika NandaniSociologyNET OnlyI cleared Net in my first attempt… I feel so grateful
Pankti Harsh HariaCommerceNET OnlyDo SWOT analysis to categorise entire syllabus.. Do perfectly the strong chapters and make sure in your weaker chapters basic concepts are coveredre
Soumya Ranjan JenaCommerceNET OnlyLive classes and 10 pm practice cls helped me lot .. Thankyou Mam 🙏
Bidisha GangulyEconomicsNET OnlyI hope to crack JRF next time with your guidance, ma’am
Rahul GhoshGeographyNET OnlyMa’am mera 4 times net qualify hua with your guidance.upka pdf bohot helpful hota..Jo new students hai abhi preparation start kar rha hai sabko upki classes lene ke sath sath phd ko acche se read karna hai..
Rashmi khuranaComputer science and applicationNET OnlyThanku mam your content helped me alot to prepare for paper 1
Rajni yadavCommerceNET OnlyBe focused,consistent
Ashwathi ChandranCSENET OnlyStudied your class from unacadamy. Keep trying
Bhawna meenaPhilosophyNET OnlyMa’am इस बार हमारा पेपर 1 में बाकी attempts की तुलना में काफी कम स्कोर आए है,लेकिन आपके पढ़ाने का तरीका काफी लाभदायक है कोशिश है जून में आपके मार्गदर्शन से हम JRF कर लेंगे।
Vinod KumarEnglish also qualified GSET after 28 yrs service in the Indian Army and at the age of 46NET OnlyFirst man in history to crack this exam after 28 yrs of service in the Indian Army and at the age of 46 yrs. First time qualified this exam in 2021 when I was serving in the Army.
pranaliLawNET Onlyjust want to say that Nav mam is the best teacher i have ever seen
ANKIT SINGHADULT EDUCATIONNET OnlyYour strategies are best for aspirant.
Sheetal SinghalManagementNET OnlyThankyou so much ma’am
Yashraj Parkhi PatilPolitical scienceNET OnlyThank you so much to Nav classes, I have attended your lectures on unaacadamy. I have got 70/100 in Paper 1. Credit goes to you. I have Qualified Ugc Net Dec 2023,Basket Full Thanks to Prof. Supreet Madam मैं राजनीति में सक्रिय रूप से कार्य कर रहा हुँ! मैं महाराष्ट्र प्रदेश काँग्रेस कमिटी प्रतिनिधी हूँ, कॉंग्रेस पार्टी के लिए प्रशिक्षक के रूप में शिबीर में व्याख्यान  देता हूं! मेरी पढ़ाई Engineering और एमबीए में हुई, राष्ट्रीय और अंतरराष्ट्रीय राजनीती समझने के लिए मैंने उम्र के 40 साल में पुनः ध्येय निश्चित किया कि मुझे प्रोफेसर और डॉक्टरेट प्राप्त करनी चाहिए. हालांकि मेरी पहले ही 5 किताबे प्रकाशित हो चुकी हैं, तो मुझे लगा यह बहुत ही आसान होगा. मगर समझ आया इतना भी आसान नहीं हैं इसके लिए सही तरीके से पढ़ाई और मेहनत करनी होगी. मगर पहले से चौथे टर्म में मेरा रिजल्ट सिर्फ 2-3 मार्क्स से रहा. लगातार मैंने 5 Terms exam दी. हरबार मैं 150 में से सिर्फ 130 सवाल ही पूरा कर पाता था, Time Management करना मेरे लिए मुस्किल था, मगर इसबार मैंने अच्छी तैयारी की, प्रोफेसर सुप्रीत जी के लेक्चर मैं हमेशा देखता था. उनका तह दिल से शुक्रिया. आशा हैं इससे मुझे जो भी Knowledge मिला उससे मैं मेरे तरफ से राजनीती में अच्छा योगदान दूँगा. अभी मैं पुणे विद्यापीठ से पीएचडी कर रहा हूँ, मेरा Topic है – Parliamentarians Role towards Sustainable development goals. Once Again Thank you so much. Special thanks to Unacadamy because it has helped me to practice and solved 150 Questions in time. 
Nivrutti Hanumanta SonawaneMarathiNET OnlyNav classes study karo
ShainaEducationNET OnlyU r a great educator nd motivator. Thanks ma’am
UrfiSociologyNET OnlyNever give up Nav jrf’s❤️
Sabita BorahEducationNET OnlyFor paper 1 you are the bestest one. This time I cleared NET only. But I will follow you again for my jrf attempt for sure. Thank you ma’am
Pooja MishraHistoryNET OnlyMam mere thode marks se jrf nahi hue but next time I will be work hard and achieve my goals
RashiHome scienceNET OnlyI started my net journey with zero knowledge of what to do. I stumbled upon your YouTube channel and slowly I started understanding the syllabus and concepts. You have been a great source thankyou
Laiba anwarCommerceNET OnlyNo
Ankita BansalHRM code 55NET OnlyThanku mam, i have cleared my net in one go for HRM. This journey of mine was full of excitement and learning and your videos and content played a very important role. It was really helpful. Thankyou
LakshmiCommerceNET OnlyThank you so much mam for all your support.
Parveen SharmaPolitical scienceNET OnlyJust cover ur basics and practise as much as mocks tests as you can
Komal nogiaEnvironmental sciencesNET OnlyJust one to everyone who wants toh net or jrf that they must join nav classes
Asima priyadarshini nayakCommerceNET OnlyThank you it was only possible as I have taken classes from you . I will try to crack jrf in next attempt.
Akansha ChauhanEnglishNET OnlyWill try for jrf nxt time. Need your blessings maam
Jashanpreet KaurCommerceNET OnlyMam your are inspiration for me thanku 🥰 much
SUBHANKAR HAZRAEDUCATIONNET OnlyMam aap ka paper 1 class mujhe help hua. Just 2 question k liye JRF nehi hua. Next time pakka JRF hoga. Category (SC)
ShreyaLawNET OnlyNavdeep Mam’s concepts on paper 1 are the best source to start with. With her guidance and sincere practice one can concrete her position in the JRF or NET
AyushCommerceNET OnlyDream Believe Act and Achieve
Golu (Rachna)CommerceNET OnlyNever give up…mera kafi time se net Tak clear nhi ho rha tha jabki Mai jrf ka soch Kai exam Dene jati thi or net Tak nhi mil pata tha…Aaj Mera net ho gya Mai bhut kush hu kyuki fail hone se acha to net bhi hai ..anything is good 4 nothing) dream to Mera bhi jrf ka hai I think Mai nav mam ki wjh se ek step chd gyi hu 😍 ab jrf bhi dur nhi rha..jab Tak kuch hath nhi lga tha to mann udas rhta tha tb nav mam muje sapne me dikti thi or ek green colur ka bhut bda ticket de k jati thi is exam ko crack krne se phle fir yhi sapna aaya or mam muje bolu congratulations for the net ..sath me papa bhi the us ticket ko pkde gye fir maine soch liya tha ye exam meri zid ban gyi ki kaise bhi ho muje ye exam crack krna hai halaki Mai or ache marks ka skti thi pr jitna mile utne me khush rhna chahiye…mam ne jo bola sapne me Aaj wo sach ho gya…Mai is field me aayi hi nav mam ki wjh se thi meri sari story spne me hi hui thi nav mam k sath …Aaj beshak mere marks utne na aay ho jitne soche the usk bawjud bhi Mai or mere parents bhut kush hai 😍🙏 thanks to nav mam….last month mere exam k bad meri mummy ki brain ki ek vain damage ho gyi thi jiski wjh se Mai bhut preshan thi meri mummy icu me admit thi..abhi kuch din pehle meri mummy discharge Hui hai ..Aaj mummy ki tbiyt thik nhi thi jaise hi maine bola Mai pass ho gyi meri mummy ki to sari bimari bhag gyi 😍😘 meri mummy mera result sun ker itni khush hui or mummy ko khush dek kai Mai kush…ab jrf dur nhi hai nav mam k sath jrf is bar 🥳 ..agr aap sache mann se lge rho kbhi na kbhi apka hardwork aage aata hi hai isliy kbhi koshish nhi chodni chahiye..or jo bche net crack bhi rote hai unko bolna chaugi ki kisi bhi chiz ko chota mt smjo yha tk pouche ho to aage bhi jaoge…Mai commerce me zero thi Aaj jo khuch sikhi every credit goes to mam…maine mam ki sari books purchase ki or bhut pyar se 1.5 year continue pdhi….muje success mili to apko bhi milegi…belive yourself…#dream#belive#act#achive🎉🎊🥇🏆…love you nav mam you are not only mam for me you are a 🌎 of mine
Rekha YadavCommerceNET OnlyWho wants to get net or jrf , only follow the nav ma’am blindly then definitely get the net or jrf by ma’am efforts and hardworking. I’m very thankful to God , because I learn from nav ma’am, I’m very blessed, thank you so much ma’am ❤️.
SaifaliManagementNET OnlyThank you Navdeep Mam…Mam apse me course nhi cover kar pai but apke pyq’s sare dekhe usse muje bot help mili…Thank you mam…I qualified my NET in 2nd attempt with 182 marks obc…nd currently I’m in 4th sem.
FIRDOUS AHMADEDUCATIONNET OnlyPatience, consistency, dedication; Believe your God Nd Educator; his/her expertise; As she already qualified, 11+teaching years diversified experience nd lot more #Dream Believe Act And Achieve. I alway’s acknowledge nd trust you
Priyanka katariyaManagementNET OnlyThanks
Santosh Kumar DashEducationNET OnlyIt is good journey so far with Nav classes but I am Little bit disappointed for not achieving JRF this time . I secured less marks in paper 1 but I want to make sure I achieve JRF in next attempt.
Jeeru Prasanth KumarManagement -17NET OnlyThanks to Mam
Ritika vermaTourism administration and managementNET OnlyMa’am your pyq book is very helpful during my preparation
Megha tyagiCommerceNET OnlyI just want to say that i qualified my exam by self study but with the help of navdeep mam ‘s books. These books are best for prepration… thank u sooo much mam for the books
Naina DuttaEconomicsNET OnlyThank you navdeep ma’am
AjayCommerceNET OnlyKbhi bhi give up naa kre unsuccess is the key of success
SK INDADUL HAQUEPHILOSOPHYNET Only10 pm wala pyq free class mere ko bht help kits…Thank u mam,, har ghar jrf♥️,,##DBBA
Rita KumariSociologyNET OnlyThank you so much ma’am…..mera 2 baar net qualify hua.maine jrf k liye exam diya tha but jrf kch number se rah gaya….lekin koi baat nahi next time jrf pakka le kr rhenge.maine first paper ki tyari Nav mam se hi Kiya h .Nav mam apne students ko pura time deti h .mere personal experience h ki mujhe thoda or mehnat krne ki jarurat hai jisse next time jrf aa jye…Jo v new student h June 2024 me first time denge unke liye mera suggetion ki Nav mam ko Puri siddat se follow kre or jo man khti h wo krte rhe…Nav mam k anusar chlenge to jrf pakka h .Nav mam best teacher h best guidance h . thank you mam DBAA JRF IS MINE
Km satyavatiSociologyNET OnlyMaam mai paid mein Uncademy pr aap se padi hu mera 2nd time net hua hai mera june mein bhi net hua tha maam aap ki class bhut accha lagta hai abhi bhi mai daily 10pm vale free class karte hu
Salma SultanaGeographyNET Only
MANISHAPolitical scienceNET OnlyMam need your help to get admission in phd
POONAMHOME SCIENCENET OnlyThank you so much mam for your support and I believe it ki is bar mai JRF qualify kr lungi kyuki maine Yodha batch join kr liya hai.thank you mam
Sreemoyee BeraAdult Education/ Continuing Education/Andragogy/Non-Formal Education (046)NET OnlyI owe my paper 1 marks to Nav Classes. Thank you Ma’am, it is all because of your great teaching I could score this marks in paper 1.
Ghazala RasheedHistoryNET OnlyJust set your everyday targets and complete those target as an important task no matter how much time it’s take and always try to be honest to yourself and don’t get distracted or get away from your goal no matter ho much difficulty you face in your life because hard work in a proper way will always leads to success
Nisha sainiCommerceNET OnlyBecause of my serious health issue I could not continued my study I had suffered from survikl, thyroid,liver swelling, intestine sweeling and infection, 2 neves block and backbone challa unstable, because of these issues I had totally bed rest and could not stand but still nav mam words always listening in my ear that don’t lose hope and mam ki ik line results kuch b ho exam dena h bas and I have exam and again I cleared net । I believe that I will definitely achive jrf in June by studying of on navclasses app ।।my message is don’t lose hope kuch bhi ho jy bs exam do
Sachin kashyapHistoryNET OnlyMam go through the pys make short notes that will help you in your examination and ho sake mock test and maximum questions ki attempt kare
MamtaEnglishNET OnlyI have qualified UGC NET (English) 4times with the help of you , you are a good teacher ,I m Nav learners
SwetaManagementNET OnlyTest series and pyq were very beneficial and you important topics series
Shaikh Rasidunnisa MubarakaliCommerceNET OnlyMam plz prepare time slot for married and working women
Raima DattaEnvironmental scienceNET OnlyI follow you in previous platform and mam me recording se hi exam k age padha tha ap se hi padh k mera 2bar net clear hua …. thank you so much ma’am….isbar 2marks se JRF rehe gya mam….but I definitely clear JRF in June 2024 … thanks a lot ma’am 😊.
KIRTICOMMERCENET OnlyThank you Ma’am… apki vajah se Mera net hua.. AP mere guru ma ho….thank you so much 😊😊😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
VINOD KUMARCommerceNET OnlyRestart
F I R D O U SEDUCATIONNET OnlyOnly Nav classes, trust and authentic sources mostly dedicated experienced and top educator 12+ year’s teaching and Research experience; expert of expertise one and only Navdeep mam Dream Believe Act and Achieve ☺️💐💚
Abishaina HarrisPsychologyNET OnlyI’ve prepared for paper 1 from Navdeep Ma’am’s book and YouTube class and it has helped me immensely in qualifying for Net. Most of the questions in the exam were from the content taught by ma’am.
MOHD SAJIDEDUCATIONNET OnlyThanks Mam for help NET exam now i want JRF plz guide
Jahangir ahmad loneUrdu literatureNET OnlyI suggest go through many pyq and learn from it, how questions are asked and how much i know.
MamtaCommerceNET OnlyI studied by unaccamy nav classes.u r great mam thank you
ManjuPolitical scienceNET OnlyThank u soo much mam 💖🙏 Mera JRF maths or D.I ki wajah se ruk gya kunki inko attempt krne ka time nhi Mila agar thoda or time management shi hota toh ho jaata but anyway June 2024 m D.I pr thoda or dhyaan Dene ki jarurt h or iss br June m JRF pakka hoga thanks mam again💖🤗
Shivani VishwakarmaCommerceNET OnlyMam mera 3rd times NET QUALIFIED hua….Or is bar mera only 12 marks se JRF ni hua…but mai khush hu mam kyonki aap hmare sath h aapki marathon,10 pm classes, YouTube classes k help se mai yaha Tak aai or JUNE 2024 mai JRF Qualified karugi mera promise h… Thankyou mam aap apne sabhi students ko equal manti ho..LOVE JRF♥️JUNE 2024 mai JRF lekar rahege♥️
Tabinda MahmoodCommerceNET OnlyConsistency and perseverance
Tabinda MahtCommerceNET OnlyConsistency
ABHIJATRI KAMANPOLITICAL SCIENCENET OnlyAt first I would like to thank Navdeep Kaur Mem . Really nav classes youtube has helped me to qualify my net. Many many thanks…
Sudeshna PaulEducationNET OnlyI learnt a lot from Nav Ma’am. I really appreciate her effort towards us. I must say that I was unable to crack NET without her guide and amazing classes. Thank you so much Ma’am and I believe that in future with ur help I will also get JRF. I regularly follow ur free classes on utube as I am unable to do ur paid classes in Nav Class. Now as an advice I would like to say that one must give his/her best effort to do something and regular practice is must so that one doesn’t have to regret later that he/she is unable to do this because of lack of practice.
PragatiHindiNET OnlyMa’am Maine paper 1 apse hi padha hai yt PR. Jitna ho skte. Ma’am ki class lete rhe
Rekha YadavCommerceNET OnlyFirstly thank you so much to nav ma’am and I have followed blindly to nav ma’am to get the net exam. In this I do some mistakes that why i have not crack the jrf exam. My suggestion to all the nav leaners , following the nav ma’am blindly. Thank you ma’am
Swarnaprabha BeheraEnvironmental scienceNET OnlyTrust on Nav mam only
PranshiCommerceNET OnlyNav classes helped me alot to crack this exam. Mam i have purchased your all three books..they all are best in content, everything is in one place.its like spoon feeding.thankyou mam for your hardwork.
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