Teaching Aptitude full notes with MCQs

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Definition of teaching
Teaching includes all the activities of providing education to other. The person who provides education is called a teacher. The teacher uses different methods for giving best knowledge to his students. He tries his best to make understand students. His duty is to encourage students to learn the subjects.

Teaching means interaction of teacher and students. They participate for their mutual benefits. Both have their own objective and target is to achieve them.

Many great teachers of the world define teaching in a different way and we can say that teaching is just to train the students so that they can stand on their own foot in society.

In teaching, three main aspects comes in our front

1st is teacher
2nd is students
3rd is education

There are different types of teaching methods which can be categorized into three broad types.

  • These are teacher-centred methods,
  • learner-centered methods,
  • contentfocused methods and interactive/participative methods.

Nature and characteristics of teaching

  1. The main character of teaching is to provide guidance and training.
  2. Teaching is an interaction between teacher and students.
  3. Teaching is an art to giving knowledge to students with effective way.
  4. Teaching is a science to educate fact and causes of different topics of different subjects.
  5. Teaching is continuing process.
  6. A teacher can teach effectively if he has full confidence on the subject.
  7. Teaching encourages students to learn more and more.
  8. Teaching is formal as well as informal
  9. Teaching is communication of information to students. In teaching, teacher imparts information in an interesting way so that students can easily understand the information.
  10. Teaching is a tool to help the student to adjust himself in society and its environment.


  1. If some of the students in the class are found to be using intoxicants, the teacher should

(a)Inform police

(b)Inform the headmaster

(c)Advise them properly

(d)Punish them

Ans. Advise them properly

2. The mental development of the child most closely parallels an increase in:

(a)His ability to get along with others.

(b)His ability to profit from experience

(c)His stock of knowledge

(d)His ability to memorize

Ans. His ability to profit from experience

3. Which of the following is not a valuable feedback for a teacher?





Ans. Librarian

4. Which of the following is true about modern evaluation system in secondary school?

(a)Encourages root learning

(b)Continuous evaluation system

(c)Product oriented evaluation

(d)Summative evaluation system

Ans. Continuous evaluation system

5. The majority of the teachers in your school want you to be the staff secretary. You are not very confident. How will you react to the proposal?

(a)Tell them curtly, that you wouldn’t take it up

(b)Tell them that you are not the apt person

(c)Accept the challenge seeking their cooperation in all matters.

(d)Suggest the name of somebody instead

Ans. Accept the challenge seeking their co-operation in all matters.

6. Who is the best motivator of a student at school?

(a)The teacher

(b)The headmaster

(c)The management

(d)Peer group

Ans. The teacher

7. Better schooling tends to raise intelligence:


(b)Only to some extent

(c)Dont know


Ans. True

8. In a PTA meeting, how would you behave?

(a)Answer very shortly for the questions asked by the parents

(b)Discuss the abilities and weaknesses of the child

(c)Introduce them to the principal

(d)Try to avoid interaction with the parents

Ans. Discuss the abilities and weaknesses of the child

9. The quality of teaching is based on:

(a)Discipline in the classroom

(b)Attainment of information

(c)Development of rapport with students

(d)Overall development of students

Ans. Overall development of students

10. What step will you take, if the noise from the neighboring class disturbs your teaching?

(a)Go to that class and openly tell the teacher that the noise is quite distressing

(b)Make a complaint to the principal about the class.

(c)Have a friendly talk with the teacher at some convenient time and discuss a solution

(d)Go to the class immediately and scold the teacher

Ans. Go to that class and openly tell the teacher that the noise is quite distressing

11. To help a student to select the course of study for higher education is:

(a)Vocational guidance

(b)Personal guidance

(c)Educational guidance

(d)None of these

Ans. Educational guidance

12. An effective teacher should:

(a)Induce the students to learn

(b)Increase pass percentage

(c)Help the students in preparing good notes

(d)Finish the course in time

Ans. Induce the students to learn

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