BHU Ph.D Entrance Question Analysis Ph.D Admission

1. P-value ka full form:  calculated probability

2. Longitudinal research ke question the.

3. Stratified sampling ke question the.

4. Research design ke question details se poocha tha, uska types.

5. Hypothesis ke question

6. Type 1 or type 2 error.

1) hypothesis pe aaye th kunsa null h aur alternative jo aapne example drug wale btye th same aaye th mam

2) parameteric aur non parematric kuansa test h

3) reaserch process aaye th

4) types of sampling aaye th examples k through puche th kunsa cluster, quota, startifed h

5) radomness bias aaye th

6) reaserch ethics

7) research paper k use puche th

8) gernalization and manipulation aaye th

9) formulation of reaserch kis reasrh j process h

10) Measurements aaye th Kuan se se nominal, ordinal, ratio h

11) data analysis k question th processes puche the

12) Kuan se reaserch qualitative h & quantitative h

13) case study puche the

14) grounded theory puche th

15) reaserch design k use use ky h

16) reasoning k coding decoding alpha series

17) interpretation of data ki usese

18) communication k th ky decoding, encoding, reciver

19) primary and secondary se aaye th kunsa h

20) data analysis k problem puche th

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