Evaluative Systems

Evaluative Systems

They are a device through which we can gauge what exactly a student achieve from the teaching-learning experience

1. Examinations

Help in testing achievements of students
– Evaluating students interests, aptitude & intelligence
– Helps to classify students and provide them guidance

2. Psychological Evaluation

-Helps to know about the physical, mental, emotional and social behavioof the individual
– Aids in guidance of the pupil
– Three methods of personality assessment: Psychometric, Projective & Behavioral

Projective Tests 
– Helps to uncover unconscious motives
– An ambiguous stimulus is presented to the client who interprets it as they like thus projecting their personality through their responses.
– Two widely used Projective tests are : Rorschach Test & Thematic Apperception Test

a. Rorschach Test

– Developed by Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach in the 1920’s
– Series of 10 cards each displaying different inkblots either colored or black & white
– The subject is asked to look at each card one at a time & report everything seen on the card
– After all 10 cards are done, the examiners goes over every response to ask them what features of the blot game them that particular impression

b. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

– Developed at Harvard University by Henry Murray in 1930’s
– Less ambiguous than Rorschach as it consists of actual scenes on 20 cards
– The subject is asked to base a story depending on the picture
– The test is intended to reveal the themes’ that occur in the persons imaginations
– Apperceptions is perceptions of things in a certain way due to past experience
– If a problem is bothering a particular subject, they may show up in a number of stories.

3. Philosophical Evaluation

– Evaluation based on mastery of subject matter
– Test the memory, mastery and ability to apply the skills learnt

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